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UKRI currently provides the University of Oxford with a yearly block grant to support open access publishing, with the funding cycle running from 1st April-31st March. The grant is fully allocated at this point in time, meaning that individual APC payments are on pause. This is due in part to the need to conserve funds for transformative Read & Publish deals which support publishing and access to resources and which enable all  Oxford corresponding authors to publish their articles  in full compliance with funder requirements.

It may be possible to support individual APC payments for fully open access journals in early 2022 but until then, in order to support academics in their open access publishing, Oxford’s UKRI grant will only be funding ‘transformative agreement’ open access articles. To ensure compliance with UKRI policy, and to make your article open access, there are two routes to choose from:

  1. Publish in a journal covered by a transformative agreement with the University of Oxford.
  2. For other journal titles, please use the ‘green route’ and deposit the accepted manuscript into ORA. You can check whether a journal supports the green route using Sherpa Romeo.

For any queries, please contact  (general queries about policy) or  (queries about deals and payments).