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As part of the Changing the narrative project the Bodleian MSD Libraries are engaging the Division as experts in your field for input on publications and materials they can add to the collection to contribute to de-colonising and diversifying the library.

Inclusive collection development is the heart of the diversification of these learning spaces, and the Bodleian MSD Libraries are looking for input from YOU on materials – fiction and non-fiction as well open access books, articles, websites, webpages, texts, publications and other materials you want to see in your library. We are particularly interested in materials that speak to research, researchers, experiences and biographies in the Medical Sciences within the following themes:

  • BAME*, including publications and research from the global south
  • Disability studies
  • Women’s studies

Suggest publications via this form before Monday 31 May.

These activities are only the first step in our efforts so keep your eyes out for some exciting projects on the horizon.

* 'BME' was chosen in line with the terminology used by the University of Oxford's Equality and Diversity Unit. For a critical reading of the term 'BAME' please read the article "The only acceptable part of BAME is the and...." from Dr Foluke Adebisi at the University of Bristol.