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As part of the 'Data Saves Lives' strategy, NHS England is moving towards giving access to datasets rather than sharing them directly with researchers, as is the current practice. Read this NHS England blog looking at the recent progress towards delivering the Data saves lives strategy.

Oxford University Hospital (OUH) is leading a sub-national Secure Data Environment for the Thames Valley and Surrey area (TVSSDE). This will provide access to broader datasets from the Trusts within this area and beyond and will offer new analytical capabilities. These changes will present significant opportunities and challenges to colleagues and research across the Division.

Medical Sciences Division is working very closely with OUH to ensure that the new way of accessing data aligns with the University’s needs. This includes representation on the TVSSDE Board and chairing the TVSSDE Academic Research Advisory Group which provides direct feedback to OUH. We are also leading the national discussion on these changes via the BRCs.

It is early days with many details yet to be decided, but it is important to understand that it is not expected that existing research be migrated to the new Secure Data Environment and therefore colleagues can be reassured that existing research programmes can continue as at present. However, any new projects will need to engage with OUH to ensure that access to the datasets required can be assured.

Please contact Brian Marsden ( or Carolyn McKee ( for further information.