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Students looking at a petri dish© wavebreakmedia - Shutterstock

Standard course
(6 years) A100

In years 1 - 3 (pre-clinical), students gain a comprehensive grounding in the sciences underlying medicine and obtain a BA degree in Medical Sciences.

Find out more about years 1 - 3 (pre-clinical)

Years 4 - 6 comprise the clinical component and lead to the award of the BM, BCh.

Find out more about years 4 - 6 (clinical)

Medical students simulating CPR on a medical mannequin© Tyler Olson - Shutterstock

Graduate-entry course
(4 years) A101

An accelerated four-year medical course for graduates in applied or experimental sciences

Graduate-entry course details

Medical students looking at paperwork© Pablo Calvog - Shutterstock

Elective Programme

Clinical attachments of up to 10 weeks for medical students from other universities in the UK and overseas in their final two years of study

Find out more about the elective programme