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Graduate School

The Graduate School aims to drive forward the development of graduate studies in the Medical Sciences Division. The Graduate School has taken the lead in providing training for graduate students in transferable, research, and academic skills and has also created a new admissions and funding programme designed to ensure that the best graduate applicants receive full funding, particularly those working in strategically important areas. It also hosts the Medical Sciences Doctoral Training Centre (MSDTC), which is home to a number of structured doctoral programmes. The Graduate School currently has over 1,500 full-time graduate students, the majority of whom are research students and form part of the thriving research culture of the Division.

The Graduate School’s main activities are:

  • Provision of a wide-ranging programme of training in transferable, research and specialist scientific skills open to doctoral students across the Medical Sciences Division. Over ninety courses and events are offered each year. The skills programme incorporates specialist courses such as electron microscopy, x-ray crystallography, MATLAB programming and computational biochemistry
  • Dissemination of information to students on events and activities across Medical Sciences and the University, as well as the outstanding services and facilities the University provides for all students
  • Annual funding competition based on academic merit, drawing together funding from multiple sources to ensure timely awards to the most able candidates
  • A website for prospective students with clear and comprehensive information on the application process, funding opportunities, and research opportunities organised by research theme
  • Advice and guidance on academic progress
  • Administration of the structured doctoral programmes within the Medical Sciences Doctoral Training Centre

Medical Sciences Graduate School logo, linking to Graduate School webpage

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