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Medical Sciences Divisional Office (Education)
University of Oxford
The Fleming Suite
Level 3, John Radcliffe Hospital
Oxford OX3 9DU

Jane Dale

Head of Education Policy and Planning

I am the senior divisional officer with responsibility for educational standards, policy and development across the Division, working closely with the Associate Head of Division (Education), and leading the Divisional Office education teams. My work includes the development and communication of divisional strategy for education; acting as the quality assurance lead for the Division, the development, implementation and evaluation of policy; and advise on new initiatives in education such as new courses and new collaborations.

In the development of the Division’s educational strategy, my role involves liaison between the divisional office, central administration, heads of departments, departmental administrators, academic staff and all those connected with the organisation of courses and teaching (and primarily the directors of studies).  I also work closely with colleagues in the central Education Policy Support section of the Academic Administrative Division (who support the Pro-VC Education and the University’s Education Committee), and with those performing similar roles in other academic Divisions, who are all members of the Quality Assurance Forum.

Specific areas of responsibility, on which I am happy to provide advice include:

  • Quality assurance of undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research provision
  • Policy development and implementation through appropriate committee channels
  • Management of student numbers and fee-setting within the Division; and oversight of the annual exercise for attribution of teaching to departments
  • Management and leadership of new educational initiatives (new courses, new collaborations)
  • Departmental administration supporting education
  • University-wide educational initiatives
  • The business of the Medical Sciences Board’s Educational Policy and Standards Committee (EPSC)
  • Legislation and legal agreements required to effect the decisions of EPSC and its sub-committees, and to advise on the interpretation of existing legislation especially in respect of course content and assessment within the Division
  • Liaison central university officers on educational and information services policy and practice within the Division
  • Monitoring and advising on the implications of relevant university and national policy developments as they apply to the wide range of educational activities within the Division
  • Preparation within the Division for and conduct of Quality Assurance Agency Reviews, visits by the General Medical Council’s Education Committee and internal course reviews.