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 Pre-interview (feedback on short-listing decisions)

  1. All enquiries about admissions decisions are dealt with on an individual basis between applicants and the Co-ordinator for Admissions for Pre-Clinical Medicine, via the Faculty Office at the Medical Sciences Teaching Centre.
  2. Please note that an applicant’s parent or guardian may only request feedback or initiate a complaint if the request/complaint is accompanied by a signed statement from the applicant authorising the parent or guardian to act on their behalf.

 Interview feedback

  1. If you have been unsuccessful (following interview) in your application and you wish to receive further information as to the reasons, you should make a request, preferably by letter or email, to the college to which you applied, or – in the case of an open application or college re-allocation – was assigned to you as your college of preference.

 Making a complaint

  1. If after receiving a response to your initial enquiry you wish to make a complaint about any aspect of your experience of the undergraduate admissions procedure, you should, in the first instance, outline your concerns in writing (preferably within one month of the occurrence about which you wish to complain) to the Co-ordinator for Admissions for Pre-Clinical Medicine, via the Faculty Office, Medical Sciences Teaching Centre, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PL.
  2. Please note that an admissions decision will not normally be reviewed unless it appears after investigation that a substantial procedural error has occurred.
  3. You will receive a preliminary reply within five working days of the receipt of your complaint, and, where relevant, this will indicate when you may expect to be contacted again with more information.
  4. If the Co-ordinator for Admissions concludes that no procedural error was made, the complainant will be told. Where it appears, after investigation of the complaint, that a procedural error has occurred, consideration will be given to what steps should be taken to reconsider the matter, and what steps should be taken to avoid similar errors occurring in future.
  5. Complaints made more than three months after the occurrence will not normally be considered, unless accompanied by a reasonable explanation of why they could not have been made within the three month period.
  6. After the final response from the Co-ordinator for Admissions has been received the complainant may ask the Director of Undergraduate Admissions to review the complaint. If you wish your complaint to be reviewed, please forward copies of all correspondence and full details of the specific concern to the Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Admissions Office, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD.