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Picture of the Radcliffe Camera, All Souls and Brasenose college © Shutterstock

Oxford Alumni Community

Bodleian Library© omaThe Oxford Alumni Community gives you access to a network of your fellow Oxford alumni from around the world. Every member is verified, so you know you’re talking to genuine graduates of the University - it's a good, secure, way to keep in touch with alumni from your time - including those who did not study the medical sciences at Oxford.

Alumni are also invited to University-wide events - please see the University events listing page.


There are more than 200 regional alumni groups in more than 90 countries. If you would like to meet some fellow Oxonians wherever you are, further information is available here.


William Osler BM 1903The History of Oxford Medical Alumni

The History of the Medical Sciences Division

The History of Medical Sciences Project led by the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics

Saving Oxford Medicine

OMA works closely with the Bodleian Library's Saving Oxford Medicine programme. This programme records key sources for the recent history of medicine in Oxford and aims to survey the archives of current and retired members of Oxford University's Medical Sciences Division, one of the foremost centres for medical research and teaching in the world. As well as acquiring new materials the programme aims to catalogue medical archives already held in the Bodleian Library's Special Collections.

Recollecting Oxford Medicine

Brain surgery 1942© omaThe Recollecting Oxford Medicine project is an oral history archive which has been developed to ensure that the recollections of those who have studied, taught or worked in medicine at Oxford are kept. The completed recordings are transcribed into printed form and then both the oral recording and the printed copy are lodged at the Bodleian. The recordings and transcripts can be edited and/or embargoed if required.




We have a collection of obituaries for past members of the Oxford medical community and these are available HERE and can also be found in past issues of the Oxford Medicine magazine.

If you wish to submit an obituary for an Oxford medical alumnus, please contact OMA.