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William Osler© jtoddOxford Graduates Medical Club (OGMC) was founded in 1884. At one time, it was one of the foremost meeting places for medical debate in the country. However, by 1998, it was unable to embrace the needs of the expanding Oxford medical community, membership was dropping, and it was decided that unless new life was breathed into the Club, it would have to close.

A group of Oxford medical alumni, aware of discussions within the Oxford University Medical Sciences Division, Green Templeton College, the Oxford Osler House Club, and the Friends of 13 Norham Gardens,  decided to relaunch the group. In September 1999, during a final meeting in Green Templeton College, members of the Club agreed to its dissolution and its replacement by the new association (OMA) which was relaunched in 2000 as Oxford Medical Alumni.

matriculation groupIn 2005, the Oxford Medical Society (OMS), merged with OMA following its decline, and the Oxford Medical Luncheon Club (OMLC) also came within the umbrella of OMA’s activities in 2006.

OMA continues the best traditions of the OGMC and of the University of Oxford Medical Sciences Division. OMA started with 50 members in 1999 and is now in contact with over 15,000 members throughout the world. The OMA reunions in Oxford, North America, and Australia, together with an ever-increasing response to OMA activities, have clearly identified a desire among many old members to belong to such an organization. This is the ideal moment to bring back to Oxford those who have made the institution what it is today.