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Bodleian Libraries logoThe Bodleian Libraries provide in-depth support for the full range of learning, teaching and research activities at the University of Oxford. 

Our services supporting the Medical Sciences Division are led by staff based at the John Radcliffe Hospital (JR), Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre (NOC), Horton General Hospital and Old Road Campus (delivering services to the clinical side of the Division and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust), and at the Radcliffe Science Library (non-clinical departments and students).

We provide access to one of the largest collections of online resources in UK higher education, including thousands of online journals, databases and e-books in the health and biomedical sciences.

Our outreach and subject librarians deliver training and teaching in information searching and information management across the Medical Sciences Division, including curriculum-based support for students, and timetabled and on-demand sessions for any member of the Division. They provide hands-on support for research activity – from scoping searches through to publication – working with researchers in their labs, offices and clinical settings, as well as in our libraries. They also provide services in support of day-to-day patient care and work closely with colleagues across the Bodleian Libraries to provide support in developing areas such as digital repositories, imaging, and support for open-access publishing.

Our libraries provide access to extensive physical and online collections, as well as IT facilities, 3D printing, quiet study spaces, training rooms, group study rooms, and comfortable breakout spaces.

Your Team

Karine Barker

Lead Librarian for Non Clinical Medicine

+44 (0)1865 272802