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Oxford’s medical research community contains a wealth of expertise and evidence relevant to health and care. By sharing their knowledge and insight with policymakers locally, nationally, and internationally, our researchers work with partners in the policymaking community in and outside the UK to facilitate access to, and uptake of, the best available research evidence to shape responses to health and care challenges.

From informal enquiries to formal inquiries, in consultation or sustained collaboration, policy engagement enables research and policymaking communities to improve public policy. It offers researchers opportunities to maximise the potential impact of their work. By engaging with the policy process researchers deepen their understanding of the value and usefulness of their research. They promote their work to the communities who can make good use of it; identify and shape further research needs and strengthen their case for funding.

Your Department Research Impact or Engagement lead will be able to help you with the first steps, supported by the Medical Sciences Division Public and Policy Engagement Facilitator. Across the University as a whole, there is support available from the Policy Engagement Team and a network of hundreds of researchers and professional support staff who share their experiences through the Oxford Policy Engagement Network (OPEN). Membership of OPEN can also make it much easier for policy makers to find you.

Find out how to join OPEN, and discover the guidance and resources provided by the Policy Engagement Team.

Read a collection of policy engagement experiences.

Who can help me?

Martin Christlieb — University of Oxford, Medical Sciences Division