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Oxford retains top spot for spinouts

General Innovation

The University of Oxford has held its position as the leading academic institution in the UK for generating spinout companies, according to a new report by data analyst firm Beauhurst.

Brain and mental health innovation at Oxford

General Innovation Research

Mental Health and Dementia are a global healthcare crisis, affecting over one billion people worldwide. Of those, over 400 million people are on the Alzheimer's disease continuum, with one person diagnosed every three seconds, and the figure expected to rise as the global population of those over 60 is set to double by 2050.

How mental health treatments are being extended with virtual reality

General Innovation Research

Nearly one billion people worldwide suffer from some form of mental disorder, according to UN data, but relatively few can access the treatment they need. Innovative AI based therapy, developed by researchers at Oxford, is now enabling a greater number of people to get help.

The safety of GP prescribing in England was not adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic

Coronavirus COVID-19 General Research

Researchers from the universities of Oxford and Nottingham have found that despite substantial disruption to primary care services, the safety of GP prescribing in England was largely unaffected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Eight Oxford researchers become Fellows of the Academy of Medical Sciences

Awards and Appointments General

The Academy of Medical Sciences has elected eight University of Oxford biomedical and health scientists to its fellowship.

In Memoriam: Professor Dominic Kwiatkowski


We regret to announce the passing of Professor Dominic Kwiatkowski, Professor of Tropical Paediatrics at the Nuffield Department of Medicine, and a renowned researcher who dedicated his life to the research on malaria. Prof Kwiatkowski passed away in April 2023 at the age of 69.

Information day held for patients on WINGMEN trial

General Public Engagement with Research Research

On Thursday 4 May, the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences (NDS) hosted a special information day for patients with prostate cancer participating in the WINGMEN clinical trial.

Ethnic minority patients yearn for warmth from health care professionals, research finds

General Research

Developing better connections between ethnic minority patients and health care professionals could deliver more positive health care experiences for ethnic minority patients, according to a new study. The results have been published in PLOS ONE.

The best drugs for stopping smoking that you probably can’t have – new review

General Research

When so much time and effort goes into developing the best medical treatments, we expect them to be available when we need them. The same goes for addiction treatments, so it’s worrying that two of the most effective drugs for quitting smoking aren’t available in the UK.

The Howat Foundation to fund Chair in Clinical Oncology

General Research

Oxford Cancer is pleased to announce the endowment of a Chair in Clinical Oncology, thanks to generous philanthropic support from The Howat Foundation.

Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging (WIN) receives Silver Engage Watermark Award

Awards and Appointments General Public Engagement with Research

This award from the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement is a significant landmark, indicating WIN's commitment to embedding support for public engagement.

Autoimmune disorders found to affect around one in ten people

General Research

A new population-based study of 22 million people shows that autoimmune disorders now affect about one in ten individuals. The work, published in The Lancet, also highlights important socioeconomic, seasonal, and regional differences for several autoimmune disorders and provides new clues on possible causes behind these diseases.

James Naismith appointed as Head of MPLS

Awards and Appointments General

Professor James H Naismith FRSC FRSB FRS FRSE FMedSci MAE is to become the new Head of Oxford’s Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences (MPLS) Division.

DARWIN EU® success leads to expansion

General Research

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) initiative DARWIN EU® has completed its first studies and is calling for new data partners

Professor Claire Edwards receives the European Calcified Tissue Society Mike Horton Award

Awards and Appointments General

Claire Edwards, Associate Professor of Bone Oncology, has been awarded the prestigious European Calcified Tissue Society (ECTS) Mike Horton preclinical/translational award in recognition of her significant contributions to the field of bone and calcified tissue.

Oxford researchers discover why multisensory learning is beneficial for memory

General Research

New research published in Nature, led by Department of Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics researchers Dr Zeynep Okray, Dr Pedro Jacob and Professor Scott Waddell, has discovered a detailed neural circuit mechanism that explains how multisensory learning improves memory performance.

Study shows need for greater screening for frailty in emergency hospital admissions

General Research

A new study has shown the need for more widespread screening for frailty in unplanned admissions to hospitals to better inform the care received by patients.

Universities boost investor confidence with new spinout framework to spur economic growth

General Innovation

The University of Oxford has partnered with other institutions and investors to agree terms which will greatly increase the UK’s capacity to turn world-leading research into spinouts that will generate economic growth and societal impact.

The impact of childhood and teenage anxiety disorders on later life – new research

General Research

New research has found that the consequences of anxiety disorders in young people can include mental health issues in adulthood, lower grades at school and lower earnings.

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