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  • Internal funding - Details of University funding available to support Public Engagement with Research projects
  • External funding - list of public engagement funding opportunities from the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement


If you are interested in any of the opportunities detailed below, please contact the Divisional Public Engagement with Research Coordinator or your Departmental lead on PER for more information. 

Within the University:

  • Engagement Opportunities - a central University resources with information about festivals and programmes that provide opportunities to work with the public
  • Gardens, Libraries and Museums (GLAM) - information about how to engage with GLAM's Public Engagement with Research programme
  • Oxplore - a digital outreach platform which features regular 'Big Questions' answered by Oxford University researchers 
  • Oxford Sparks - platform for resources and materials which highlight a range of science topics. Contact Dr Michaela Livingstone-Banks for more information
  • The Conversation - find out how to write for The Conversation, an online source of articles written for the public 

Other events and activities: 

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)

Staff from across the Medical Sciences Division, NIHR ARC Oxford and Thames Valley and NIHR Oxford BRC have put together detailed guidance to support you doing PPI.