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Picture of the Osler house on a sunny day

Tingewick Logo

The Tingewick Society has played an important part in the life of many medical students from the University of Oxford.

The Tingewick Pantomime is exclusively acted, written, designed, and produced by medical students from the University of Oxford. Starting in 1938, the pantomime has grown into the biggest event in the Oxford hospitals' calendar. Outrageous, witty and perceptive, the pantomime is a memorable part of the Oxford medical student experience. Each year, 'Tingewick' is witnessed by over 1,400 doctors, nurses, students and members of the public, and whilst tickets are free, audience donations, collected after each performance typically raise over £20,000 for that year's chosen charities. Read the list of Tingewick performance titles from 1940 to 2019.

This Tingewick Archive page has been set up to allow access to archive material that Oxford Medical Alumni have been given. However, due to GDPR restrictions, we cannot publish any photographs that we do not have written consent from all persons in the photograph. 

If you have any interesting documents relating to Tingewick that you would like to share with us, then please contact Oxford Medical Alumni


Rita, the Preening Pachyderm by Paul Morrish

Download Rita, the Preening Pachyderm

Fifty Years of Tynchwyke by Jonathon Pollock


Download Fifty Years of Tynchwkyke

The Jugular Book by David Grahame-Smith

The 50th Anniversary (1989)

Download The Jugular Book

Tynchewyke is Thirty Seven (1977) by Antony Warren

Download Tynchewyke is Thirty Seven

How are we spelling it his year by Will McConnell and Derek Roskell (1987)

Download How are we spelling it this year

Tynchwycke is Twenty-Five by G.E. Moloney

Download Tynchwycke is Twenty-Five 

Tingewick Past Titles (2019)

Download Tingewick Past Titles