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John Geddes

Bipolar Disorder, Clinical Trials, Epidemiology, Neuroscience, Big Data, ...

Dragana Ahel

SNF2 ATPases in genome stability and cancer

Ivan Ahel

DNA damage response mechanisms

Bungo Akiyoshi

Evolutionary cell biology of chromosome segregation

Andrew Angel

Research Modelling of Gene Regulation

Brian J Angus

Malaria, HIV and Melioidosis

Charalambos Antoniades

Crosstalk between adipose tissue and vascular/myocardial redox state in humans: ...

Matthew Apps

The neural and computational basis of motivation, decision-making & social ...

Houman Ashrafian

Cell and Molecular Biology

Luis Alberto Baena-Lopez

Cell biology of Caspases in normal and cancer cells

Alison Banham

Therapeutic antibodies for cancer therapy. Transcriptional deregulation in ...

Oliver Bannard

Germinal Center Biology

Ellie Barnes

Human Chronic Viruses

Isobel Barnes

Risk of cancer in British South Asians and on the epidemiology of cervical ...

Francis Barr

Spatial and temporal control of mitosis and cytokinesisand control of membrane ...

Hagan Bayley

We are a chemical biology group which focuses on protein chemistry, molecular ...

Philip Bejon

Global Heath

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