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Oxford Elective Programme

Oxford is an exciting and stimulating place to study and live in. We welcome Elective medical students from other universities in the UK and overseas. To take part in the Elective programme you must be a medical student. We don't accept doctors who have graduated or are taking part in clerkships. This is a great opportunity to come and learn alongside Oxford medical students and enjoy the academic and social opportunities that Oxford University offers.

The Elective programme is organised by Oxford University Medical School and placements are available in the Oxford Hospitals.


The School aims to provide an environment in which students and staff excel academically.

The School aims to foster diversity and enable the potential of students to be realised through providing options for study and research at a world-class level in clinical practice, biomedical science and the medical humanities.

The School aims to ensure that students acquire the essential knowledge, clinical skills and attitudes to become and remain competent and caring doctors.

In addition to providing vocational training, the school aims to promote critical thinking, scientific enquiry and creativity so that its graduates will contribute to innovation and leadership in clinical medicine and biomedical science.

The School aims to sustain a vigorous, open and integrated community of students and teachers in which the curriculum is continually refined and the quality of teaching enhanced.


All places on the Elective Programme have been allocated until September 2017.

Elective students are accepted for a total period of between 4-10 weeks. There is a range of attachments on offer. All places on the Elective Programme have been allocated until September 2017. Applications should be submitted between 1 May – 15 October 2016 and in November 2016 applications will be considered by the Medical School Selection Panel for places on the Elective Programme that runs from September 2017 - August 2018.