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Elderly smiling patient in a bed being interviewed by a cheerful doctor

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Learning opportunities during your Elective placement

Learning opportunities may include:

  • Bedside teaching, seminars and tutorials with other students
  • Participation in ward rounds, outpatient clinics and routine ward work
  • Informal discussions with other students and members of your team
  • Attendance at the Medical Grand Round, Surgical Round and Student Grand Round
  • Case presentations to members of your Firm
  • Journal club presentations
  • Undertaking an audit, survey or small research project although this would very much depend on the department you are attached to, the length of your placement and whether a member of staff would be available to supervise you.
  • Writing an article for the Oxford Medical School Gazette

Further opportunities

As an Elective student you will receive the same privileges as matriculated students in the Medical School.   Access will be provided to the Cairns Library, the main medical library (which includes intranet facilities), whilst the Oxford University Bodleian Library card not only permits entry to the Bodleian but also allows access to College chapels and gardens.   You will receive membership of William Osler House Club, to which all Oxford medical students belong and which is central to the social life of the Clinical School.   It is a great place to spend lunch hours and meet medical students.   Honorary temporary membership of Green Templeton College, which has the largest number of clinical students of any College and membership of Oxford Medical Alumni (OMA) are open to Elective students.

You will be able to take part in numerous social events.   In addition, an Elective at Oxford will enable you to live in and experience a different culture.   At the weekends, there is the opportunity to explore the City of Oxford, nearby towns and the English countryside.   There are excellent transport links between Oxford and London which makes a visit to the capital city an easy trip to organise by bus or rail.

There is enormous potential at Oxford for Elective medical students who are enthusiastic and willing to learn from their placements.   New ideas and concepts are always welcome from students who are enthusiastic and interested in spending time in a creative and innovative environment rather than simply coming to Oxford for the benefit of their C.V.

We look forward to receiving your applications!