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Divisional Leadership and Coordination

Divisional boards are a key feature of the University’s organisation and management, bringing cognate disciplines together to forge shared understandings, establish common agreed priorities, and support local initiatives.  Divisions provide a focus for much of the University’s business including the generation and development of the academic mission and strategic directions of the University’s varied disciplines.

The Head of the Medical Sciences Division, Professor Gavin Screaton, chairs the Medical Sciences Divisional Board and the Regius Professor of Medicine, Professor Sir John Bell, and Deputy and Associate Heads of Division work with him to ensure that the responsibilities of the board are carried out efficiently and effectively.  Supported by the Divisional Secretariat, they therefore coordinate or directly undertake the work involved in divisional strategic planning; joint academic appointments and all the associated administrative processes; general financial and resource management, the setting of the divisions’ budgets and oversight of department/faculty budgets; capital project prioritisation, planning and management; research strategy and research developments; curriculum design and the portfolio of offering; maintenance and enhancement of educational quality; oversight of fund-raising activity; and the strategic review of individual departments/faculties of the division.

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