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Karla Miller

Associate Head of Division (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - EDI)

The Associate Head of Division for EDI works closely with the other divisional academic EDI leads and the Institutional Chief Diversity Officer to develop and drive the divisional EDI priorities, and provides support for the Head of Division on matters associated with equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI).

Responsibilities include

  • Lead the development of strategic thinking on equality and diversity in the Division
  • Reporting regularly to the Medical Sciences Board and Finance, Research, and General Purposes Committee. Advising the Division on the equality and diversity implications of policy-making, push EDI actions at a divisional level, and work to promote and support systemic cultural change
  • Build on work done so far to involve as wide a range as possible of staff and students in reflection and debate on issues of equality and diversity. Raise the profile of EDI activity across the division, specifically that at divisional level
  • Collaboratively with the EDI Steering Group develop and put forward an annual action plan, with clear, short/medium/long-term goals so as to expedite practical outcomes, and engage in regular review and evaluation, including an annual update on progress in the division
  • Ensure that the voices and perspectives of students are embedded in all equality work, by working or consulting directly with students and student representatives and the incoming EDI lead for the Medical School
  • Through representation on central committees (eg. the Institutional Equality and Diversity Panel), inform and advise the equality and diversity work of the University, ensuring MSD-specific input