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Internal funding.jpgIn LabTalk we interview researchers and lab groups about their research, life in the lab, their experience of Oxford, and their thoughts on Public Engagement with Research. 

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The Medical Sciences Division has a variety of internal funds which it can deploy to support research. In this series of video interviews, researchers discuss their experience of funding, and their projects which received support from the Wellcome ISSF, John Fell and MRC Confidence in Concept funds. 

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industry fellows interviews 


Through working with industry partners, the Medical Sciences Division is able to offer researchers a number of Fellowships. In this series of interviews, Fellows discuss their research and experiences working with an industry partner.  

Hear from Oxford-Celgene Fellows

Hear from Oxford-UCB Fellows

Hear from Oxford-Elysium Fellow







LabTalk image courtesy of Sir William Dunn School of Pathology