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Current Fellows

Hussein Al-Mossawi.jpg

Hussein Al-Mossawi

NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Rheumatology and Research Fellow, NDORMS

'The role of GM-CSF-secreting lymphocytes in Psoriatic Arthritis'   

PI: Paul Bowness                                 

Stephanie Dakin

Stephanie Dakin

Associate Professor, NDORMS

'Resolving tendon inflammation: novel opportunities for therapeutic target discovery'

PI: Andy Carr

Nick Provine.jpg

Nick Provine, NDM 

Postdoctoral Fellow, NDM

'Role of human intestinal CD161+ CD8+ T cells in inflammatory bowel disease' 

PI: Paul Klennerman


David Metcalfe.jpg

David Metcalfe

Doctoral Candidate, NDORMS

'Learning From Patients: Developing a National Resource for Hip Fracture Research'

PI: Matthew Costa 

Enas Abu Shah.jpg

Enas Abu-Shah

Postdoctoral Research Assistant, NDORMS

'Regulatory networks during human T-cell priming in a 3D tissue-like environment'

PI: Mike Dustin


Matthias Friedrich.jpg

Matthias Friedrick

Postdoctoral Research Scientist, NDORMS

'Targeting immunological memory of intestinal fibroblasts to ameliorate chronic intestinal inflammation'

PI: Fiona Powrie

Image of Anushka Soni

Anushka Soni

Research Fellow, NDORMS

'Neuroimaging as a biomarker to stratify patients with arthritis and evaluate the efficacy of mechanism-based targeted treatment of neuropathic pain'

PI: Irene Tracey



Applications for this Fellowship are closed, but if you are interested in learning more about Oxford-UCB collaborations please contact the Divisional Business Partnerships Office.