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William Osler© jtodd

OMA holds obituaries for many Oxford medical alumni

These are listed alphabetically by last name - select from the list below:

A - F      G - L     M - R     S - V     W - Z


OMA has been notified of the passing of the following alumni:

David Richard Firth

General practitioner born 1932; matric. Exeter 1950, qualified Oxford and St Thomas’ 1957; MA, MRCS, DRCOG, MRCGP), died 22 November 2014 from metastatic carcinoma of the prostate.

Donald I. Fry

Matric. 1952 St Peter's College, died 03 February 2016. Anaesthetist

David Mortimer Hill

Born 1934; matric. University 1953, qualified 1960; DM, FRCP, died November 2015. Consultant endocrinologist

Philip James

Born 1932; matric. Oriel 1951, qualified Oxford and St Mary's, died 9 February 2016. Former consultant anaesthetist

Richard G. Jones

Matric. 1971 Corpus Christi College. Died 13 January 2016. Pathologist.

David William Kilbourne Kay

Born 31 October 1918 matric. Trinity 1937, qualified BM BCh 1943, DM 1960.  Died 11 February 2016. Consultant psychiatrist, Newcastle.

Tamara Henryka Madej

 Born 1954; matric. Somerville, 1979, died 5 August 2015 from glioblastoma multiforme. Consultant anaesthetist, York Hospital 

John E. Middleton

Matric. 1943 The Queen's College. Died 05 February 2016. Pathologist

Clyde Mitchell

 Born 1944; matric. Wadham 1963, qualified 1971, died 16 Jan 2016. Former general practitioner and organiser of GP training in East Cumbria

Michael D. Myhill

Matric.1943 Hertford, died 01 January 2016. Public Health

George Alan Rose

Born 1925; matric. Wadham 1942, qualified 1952; DM, d 24 December 2014. Consultant chemical pathologist, London -specialised in kidney stones and chemical analysis.

Arthur I. Spriggs

Matric. 1938 New College. Died 20 January 2016. Pathologist

Sabina Jeannette Strich

Born 1925; matric. Lady Margaret Hall 1943, qualified Oxford 1949; DM, died 23 May 2015 during a short hospital admission for respiratory infection probably associated with mitral valve disease. Former consultant in child psychiatry, Croydon.

Geoffrey Richard Venning

Born 19 December 1921 matric. New College 1940, qualified BM BCh 1944 died 10 February 2016. Medical director of G D Searle and Co Ltd. Married to Mary matric St Hilda’s 1940, and celebrated 70th wedding anniversary in 2015.

Frances Jane Wardle

Born 1950; graduated 1973, died from complications due to chronic lymphocytic leukaemia on 20 October 2015. Professor of clinical psychology.

Brian C. Wiggins

Matric. 1961 Corpus Christi College. Died 03 February 2016. General Practitioner

Hubert Frank Woods

Born 18 November 1937, qualified BM BCh 1955, died 31 January 2016.  Professor of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, University of Sheffield.