• Pre-clinical

    The pre-clinical course, taking place in years 1 to 3 of the six-year course (A100), will provide you with the knowledge and understanding that you need to make a start in clinical medicine, but it should go further than that. It will prepare you for a world where medical practice is rapidly evolving and enable you to make your own distinctive contribution.

  • Clinical

    Years 4 to 6 of the six-year course (A100) comprise the clinical component and lead to the award of the BM, BCh.

    The emphasis on self-directed learning and evaluation of medical literature recognises that the biosciences and the practice of evidence-based healthcare underpin clinical training.

  • Accelerated

    The accelerated course (A101) is an intensive four-year medical course and has been designed for graduates who are trained in applied or experimental sciences. The first two years cover both basic medical science and clinical skills. The final two years are shared with the six year course, and students are fully integrated into the clinical course.

  • Electives

    Oxford is an exciting and stimulating place to study and live in. We welcome elective medical students from other universities in the UK and overseas. This is a great opportunity to come and learn alongside Oxford medical students and enjoy the academic and social opportunities that Oxford University offers.