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Medical Sciences Divisional Office (Education)
University of Oxford
The Fleming Suite
Level 3, John Radcliffe Hospital
Oxford OX3 9DU

Jane Rudman

Graduate Skills Officer

I am responsible for the Medical Sciences Division Skills Training Programme, which provides transferable, generic and scientific training for all research students and research staff in the Division, and currently comprises 96 courses and events each academic year. I work closely with the Divisional Director for Skills Training to set the training timetable each term, review the course content and oversee the delivery of the programme over the three main sites of the Division – John Radcliffe Hospital, Churchill Hospital and South Parks Rd, ensuring that all research students and research staff have equal access to training.

My role is supported by the Divisional Skills Training Co-ordinator who is responsible for the day to day duties of running the programme. I work with the Divisional Skills Training Committee for which I act as secretary, to ensure the training needs of the research students and research staff are being met and that the strategic aims of the programme are being achieved. I also work closely with the other academic divisions and training providers within the University and often collaborate to run cross divisional courses and events.

Along with the Divisional Director for Skills Training I represent the Division on the central University Skills group, and on behalf of the Division I attend the meetings of the Code of Practice Implementation Group (CoPIG) and the Research Training Tool Implementation Group (RTT).

I have worked for the University for 12 years and started as a Graduate Studies Assistant based in the University Office at Wellington Square. Prior to working for the University I spent a year doing charity work in Uganda following the completion of a BA in Theology and a Masters in Philosophy and Religion.  

I can help you with:

  • Information on courses available both within the Division and across the University
  • General course information – frequency of courses, how to apply and application status
  • Course proposals
  • Venue information
  • Course suitability