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Medical Sciences Divisional Office (Education)
University of Oxford
The Fleming Suite
Level 3, John Radcliffe Hospital
Oxford OX3 9DU

Lauren Wild

Graduate School Officer

My main responsibilities include: 

  • Graduate School Studentship competition
  • Maintaining the Graduate School website and other online resources
  • Management of the Graduate School Assistants and Graduate School Support Officers
  • Secretary to the MRC DTP Steering Group and Division’s Graduate Joint Consultative Committee
  • Managing Graduate School events

I work closely with the Assistant Registrar (Graduate School). 

As Secretary to the Divisional Funding panel, I am responsible for delivering the Studentship Competition and have support with this from two Graduate School Support Officers. I also line manage three Graduate School Assistants who are responsible for supporting our departments and students in all on-course matters.

I manage the content of the Graduate School website and ensure it is up-to-date. This site gives an overview of all the opportunities available in the Medical Sciences Division by theme. 

The Graduate School Canvas site is a repository of information for on-course students which staff will also find useful.  As an online source, I keep the site as up to date as possible with information on milestones, dispensation applications and any other information that may be useful to students.  

Each year, I arrange the Graduate School Welcome Event, held in early October which offers new postgraduate students the opportunity to learn more about the Graduate School and to meet some of us in person.

Along with officers in the other divisions, I am responsible for monitoring, reviewing and suggesting improvements to the administrative processes for on-course graduate studies, admissions and Graduate Supervision Reporting.