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Open Access

Springer Nature notice

Jisc and UK institutions are in negotiation with Springer Nature to reach a sustainable read and publish agreement for the Springer, Nature, Nature Research journals and Palgrave journals. UK institutions have voted to accept the fifth proposal from Springer Nature and Jisc are moving to final contract negotiations, implementing the agreement once the negotiations have been completed – expected by 7th June. You can read the full notice on the Open Access website.

Until the contract negotiations have been finalised, Oxford authors who have a paper accepted by Springer, Nature, Nature Research journals and Palgrave journals should contact the APC team (



Fundamentals of Open Access – Online, Tue, 16 May 2023, 10:30-12:00

Your thesis, copyright & ORA – Online, Tue, 23 May 2023, 05:00-16:00



Collecting Covid

“The Collecting COVID project (a collaboration of collecting between the History of Science Museum and the Bodleian Libraries) is currently well into its second year of uncovering Oxford University’s innovative and celebrated pandemic research.

The project has acquired a fascinating selection of oral history interviews from across the University, which explore the rapid research response to the crisis in early 2020. Fifty of these interviews are now publicly available in full on the University Podcasts website. An additional fifty will conclude this part of the collection, with new interviews added routinely. More information is available on the Bodleian Archives & Manuscripts blog.

The History of Science Museum’s current display focuses on the incredible work of the vaccine team, showcased through objects including knitted dolls, a COVID-19 cookie, and Sarah Gilbert’s Role Model Barbie doll. The objects tell a very human side to the story of Oxford’s efforts to find a lifesaving treatment during a global emergency.


RSL Refurbishment

Library refurbishment update

The refurbished Radcliffe Science Library building is still on schedule to reopen to all University members for Michaelmas Term 2023.  

We are likely to be moving the library collections and services from our temporary base at the VHL to the RSL building in late August and early September. There will be some unavoidable disruption to our services, but we will try and keep this to a minimum.  

There will be a series of opening events, tours and talks throughout Michaelmas Term to celebrate the reopening. We would love to have your suggestions on what events you would like to see in the library. Currently we are looking at events such as - 

  • An opening party. 
  • Displays and talks around key historical scientific texts and artefacts in the library and museum collections. 
  • Events based around our recent EDI competition. 
  • Research talks from Oxford scientists. 
  • Games nights based around the library’s new Student Well-being space. 
  • Hands-on sessions with our Virtual Reality headsets. 

Please send any other ideas you have - they don’t have to be things you’d usually expect to happen in a library! Let us know if you are a member of a University Club or Society that might be interested in using some of our new spaces to host a future event. Please send any suggestions or questions to   


Radcliffe Science Library Diversity Portrait Project - Help the RSL celebrate equality, diversity and inclusion in Science and Medicine

As part of its actions for supporting an inclusive culture, the Radcliffe Science Library (RSL) is working on diversifying its portraiture and creating a space where everyone feels welcome, valued, and respected when it re-opens in Summer 2023.

Our list of historical names is currently lacking scientists from Black, Asian, minoritised ethnic and LGBTQ+ communities connected to science and medicine at Oxford for the library re-opening in the coming summer vacation. We recognise that it may be difficult to identify individuals because the contributions and achievements of these communities have often been ignored or unfairly marginalised. However, if you know someone, let us know. We also welcome historical names from these underrepresented communities in science and medicine outside Oxford, preferably from the UK and the Commonwealth,  

  • Individuals you find inspiring and you want to highlight.  
  • Those who were the first in a white dominated discipline.  
  • Those who were not scientists but made important contributions to research. 

 For questions and suggestions, contact Karine Barker (


Wellbeing room

As part of the RSL refurbishment we will have a range of spaces including reading spaces, group study rooms and individual study carrels. In addition we will also be opening a Wellbeing Room, in the RSL basement. These types of spaces which promote wellbeing, relaxation and mindfulness have been growing in popularity in recent years. More information is available on our blog but we are particularly interested to hear of any activities or events you would like to run in the Wellbeing room or any events you would like the RSL to host. If you have any suggestions please contact


Book recommendations

If there are any books you would like to see in the library that are not currently in the collection, please send use the recommend a purchase form or contact your subject or outreach librarian.

Please note that the deadline for new book requests for this academic year is Friday 2 June 2. 

We are also looking for recommendations for our - 

  • Wellbeing collection, any recommendations you have for fiction, poetry, mindfulness graphic novels and more. 
  • Equality Diversity and Inclusion collection, any recommendations you have for fiction, biographies, non- fiction related to a science or medicine theme.