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University of Oxford Open Access Publications Policy amended to include rights retention

The University of Oxford Open Access Publications Policy, and University Statute XVI which covers intellectual property rights, have now been updated to incorporate rights retention. This re-affirms the University’s preference for the green or self-archiving route to open access.

From 14 October 2024, by virtue of their employment and without requiring any action on their part, employees at the University provide the rights to make author accepted manuscript versions of their articles and conference proceedings available under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence (CC BY 4.0) at the point of publication.

To utilise rights retention authors can simply deposit the accepted manuscript of their work to ORA, the University repository, and the repository team will make it available once it has been published. Authors wishing to opt-out will be able to do so on a work-by-work basis when depositing their papers via Symplectic Elements. Read the full news item.

Open Research Position Statement

The University’s Open Research Position Statement, approved by Research and Innovation Committee on 6 June 2024, is now available. The Statement provides a definition of open research (acknowledging that this is an evolving area) and related guidance and sets out broad expectations and responsibilities of researchers and the University. It summarises a range of good open research practices, recognising that the application of such practices will vary across different research disciplines. The Statement also signposts to existing related University policies, funder policies and support services within the University.