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The members of the Research Practice Team are very pleased to announce that the first of seven courses on the fundamentals of good research practice is now open for user testing. The first course covers ‘Authorship, Publication and Peer Review’. It will be followed in due course by courses on: Open Research Practices, Research Integrity & Governance; Research Design; Collaboration; Data; and Research Impact and Public Engagement.

These courses are short (less than 1-hour) self-paced, on-line courses, which cover the basics of the “what researchers need to know” in the topic, and “why it is important”. The courses also link out to further resources where researchers can find more training and resources on how to do things in their specific domain, along with tools, services, and more in-depth training.

These Research Practice courses give a grounding in the topic and are suitable for all researchers at the collegiate University, i.e. postgraduate research students, research staff (e.g. postdocs, research fellows), and academics (e.g. professors, lecturers).

We are seeking user testers from all divisions and career stages to help ensure the courses are relevant to researchers across the university, are engaging, and a useful one-stop resource on all things research practice at Oxford.

Testers who can commit to critically review all seven courses will be acknowledged in the course credits for contributing to critical evaluation, quality assurance and enhancement of teaching & learning. It should take between 1 and 2 hours to review each course. Further information and guidance will be provided.

If you are interested in testing these courses, please contact Dr Mónica Palmero Fernández: