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All Medical Sciences staff are invited to log into HR self-service and ensure their contact, diversity background and disability details are up to date. Between 6% and 27% of staff in the Division are missing their diversity data which makes it difficult to complete statutory reporting, understand or track our population changes and to plan actions around staff diversity and equality – make sure your data is complete today!

gif asking staff to log into HR Self Service to update their  personal details


A key action in our Division equality objectives and to support departmental action planning is the importance of having access to top level complete data on our populations. This will help to plan and evaluate equality actions to ensure that MSD and the University are representative of the community. It is critical that we have accurate broad intersectional data on our populations for self-reflection, planning, and in some cases for mandatory reporting to funders. 

When new staff join the University they are prompted to input this information. However, sometimes this is missed and there are significant gaps in this data across our departments, from 6% to 27% missing in some areas and that makes it hard for us to have an accurate picture of our staff body which, in turn, means we may not be providing the support or resources that staff need. We are also missing some vital information (like nationality) that we need for Institutional level statutory reporting. 

With your help we can change this and have a better understanding of our staff body.

Action for Medical Sciences Staff

We would be grateful if you could check, and if necessary, update your Personnel record on HR Self Service with this information by: 

  • Log into your HR Self Service (you will need to be on the University network or VPN) 

  • Select your profile by clicking on your initials in the top right 

  • Ensure all of your information is up to date, including Diversity>Background and Diversity>Disability 

While we would encourage staff to complete all fields on the form, there are options of “prefer not to say” for a number of the fields. 

Please note that completing this information on your Personnel record is entirely optional and highly secure, although the more people who do so, the more accurate a picture we’ll have.

Data confidentiality 

Please also be assured that your data is confidential. No-one in your department or division, including management, HR, your line manager or group leader will have access to your individual information. Your information contributes to top level aggregate figures on divisional and departmental staff as a whole. See the Staff Privacy Policy for more details about how the University handles your personal data. 

Please also note that any information you provide about disabilities and long-term health conditions will likewise not be shared with your manager or HR staff (but if you have a disability or condition that impacts you at work, we would always encourage you to speak to your line manager or the Equality and Diversity Unit’s Staff Disability Advisor about any adjustments and support you might need).

Questions and concerns

Who has access to this data? 

Individual data can only be accessed by the central HR Analytics team, and is held in accordance with the Staff Privacy Policy.

Aggregate data at department level is made available to the institution, divisions and, in the future certain highly controlled people in departments for the purposes of reporting and action planning by various groups, including EDI committees. The data that is shared is percentage high level aggregate data on the whole population so as to protect the anonymity of individuals. 

What is my data used for? 

You data will be used for top level reporting in the institution, division, and in some cases your department, this information will never be made available to anyone in your department on an individual level (i.e. in relation to you your specific characteristics) but rather in aggregate. Departments and divisions can use this data to plan activities in interventions – for example sessions on disability awareness. 

What if I don’t want to input my information? 

If you do not wish to share your data despite the precautions in place there are “prefer not to say” options for several of the questions which allows you to complete your data profile without sharing specifics. We would ask that you elect this option rather than leaving it blank as this is also helpful to us. 

What if my information changes? 

If your information changes you can simply log in and adjust the information in the same way as outlined above, HR Self Service is always available for your to update – just as if your address, bank details or emergency contact changes. 

What else is held in HR Self-service? 

Since payslips went paperless you can access this information here, and it is good practise to do so each month to ensure your information is up to date, other information available is: 

  • Your contact details, emergency contact and preferred name 

  • Information on your current contract, salary and bank details 

  • Other statutory HR information, like right to work check, HESA ID for national reporting 

  • Your P60’s, tax information, and length of service