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BBSRC have launched the 2022 round of their ALERT ‘mid-range equipment for biosciences research’ scheme: Mid-range equipment for biosciences research: ALERT 2022 – UKRI 

Whilst there is no cap on numbers for an institution, the guidance strongly encourages institutions to discuss and prioritise submissions given the limited budget available. To that end MPLS and MSD will jointly run a light touch process to ensure that multiple bid teams do not submit applications asking for the same capabilities – where duplications are found, bid teams will be asked to work together where possible. We are not putting in place our own cap on numbers, simply checking fit to the scheme and ensuring no duplications are submitted to BBSRC.     

Those wishing to apply should submit an expression of interest application form through IRAMS (2-page form available in the portal) by midday on Wednesday 16 November. Decisions and guidance for applicants will be provided by Friday 25 November (3 weeks before submission deadline).    

Outline of call  

The ALERT 2022 call aims to fund equipment costing greater than £200k (including VAT) that: 

  • Is widely used and underpins capability across all scientific areas within BBSRC remit (relevance to the priority areas in BBSRC’s delivery plan is particularly encouraged) 
  • Enables the use of emerging advanced research technology or utilisation of equipment in new ways of working  
  • Promotes collaboration and equipment access between users within industry, public sector and other institutes. 


  • Only one piece of capital equipment may be requested per application, although this can include equipment that requires assembly or involves several components provided they constitute a single technology platform. 

  • In a large multi-component application that is otherwise in scope, one or more small components costing under £10,000 can be supported, but these must be from the same supplier so that they can come together as one invoice.

  • All equipment must be on the market at the time of the call closing date. 

  • Host contributions towards the purchase of equipment are not mandatory. 

Funding available

  • The indicative capital budget for ALERT 2022 is approximately £20 million 
  • Applications may seek the cost of capital equipment between £200,000 and £1.5m, including VAT  
  • Costs such as installation or service maintenance contracts can be included if they are one-off costs and part of the manufacturer’s offer 


  • Oxford 2-page EOI application form deadline: Wednesday 16 November, through IRAMS
  • Research Services deadline: Thursday 8 December
  • BBSRC deadline: Thursday 15 December, 4pm