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Open Scholarship: Digital Induction to Open Access (MSD)

Are you baffled by open, confused by embargoes? Does the mention of the colour gold or green catapult you into a realm of perplexed irritation? If so, this eLearning module will help you to understand the fundamentals of open access so that on completion you will know:

  • What open access is including key terms – Gold, Green, Article Processing Charges
  • Where to get more information and help
  • Where to look for open access material
  • How to find useful tools to assist you in publishing open access

This online course is designed for academic and administrative staff working in the Medical Sciences and has been tailored to meet your Open Access needs.

The course can be booked on our iSkills page.

Rights Retention Pilot: Still Open for Oxford Authors

The University of Oxford Rights Retention Pilot is still open for researchers to sign up. Rights retention allows you to make your journal articles and conference proceedings available immediate open access, even when publishers impose embargoes. So far, 90 researchers have taken advantage of the pilot at Oxford, and the University would like to encourage all researchers to consider taking part. A dedicated Rights Retention website (requires SSO) provides more information about the pilot including a video briefing from Chris Morrison, Copyright & Licensing Specialist at the Bodleian Libraries.

Rights retention to achieve immediate open access continues to gain momentum across the UK higher education sector, with King’s College London and the University of Cambridge recently announcing policies that by default apply rights retention to all qualifying research outputs. Please contact us if you have any questions about rights retention or any other aspect of open access.


We have renewed our collection of Science Direct ebooks from Elsevier. The collection has over 20,000 e-books in science, technology and medicine, published between 1949 and 2023, available on Elsevier's ScienceDirect platform. This is an Evidence-Based Selection subscription, which means that after the subscription period we will keep a selection of titles, based on usage levels. View the extensive list of titles.

Chairs in the RSL

We know you spend 100s of hours reading books, articles and conference proceedings to complete your assignments and research. Many of those hours are spent in the library and we think you should be comfortable while reading. So let us know which chairs we should select for the RSL after it opens? We have we have six chairs set up in the Vere Harmsworth Library that we’d like you to try. Some have arms, some have wheels, some are adjustable. Let us know what you think! Fill in the form in the VHL or email us at by the end of 14 April. Apologies for the short notice, we have to return the chairs!