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Researcher representatives and advocates shared ideas to strengthen local networks and promote professional development.

MSD Forum research staff talking at tables

A successful first joint meeting of MSD Forum Research Staff Representatives and Departmental Advocates for Research Staff took place on 4th November 2022, kindly hosted by the Kavli Institute for Nanoscience Discovery in the Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin building. Attendees were welcomed by Helen McShane (Deputy Head of Division) and John Frater (Divisional Advocate for Research Staff). The meeting focused on local research staff networks and continuing professional development for researchers, bringing together the perspectives of researchers at different career stages, including post-doctoral scientists and senior academics.

Departmental support networks: Local networks for researchers provide valuable peer-to-peer support and development activities. The group heard inspirational examples from departments where researchers in a wide range of roles are well-supported through advocacy, seminars, and career development and social events. Sharing examples of good practice will help to spread initiatives to other departments.

10 days continuing professional development (CPD): Researchers are entitled to 10 days per year (pro rata) for CPD, as part of the University’s commitment to the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers. The Forum considered how to define activities that fall within continuing professional development, funding, and mechanisms to engage researchers and managers. The ideas will contribute to university-wide guidance.

Do you want to get involved? Find your departmental Forum members and get in touch.