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MSD GRC hub banner

Governance, Risk and Compliance activity has grown hugely in the past few years, and the requirements are constantly evolving. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the creation of a new divisional resource: MSD’s GRC Hub. Governance Manager Goher Ayman, and Communications Officer Rachel Pollard, are looking at what is already in place and how we can network across the division and wider.

The first priority is to build a SharePoint ‘one stop shop’ for GRC resources: information, templates, how-to guides and further reading; as well as details of networks and initiatives. Another early project will be looking at committees across the division and into the university, and how we can make this form of governance as effective as possible.  

This focus is also being seen across the university centrally – the first meeting of a new community of practice, Growing Good Governance, took place last week, headed up by Lara McCarthy, Head of Governance for the University. The rise in prominence of GRC, and the speed at which requirements have changed has led to significant duplication of effort - something the hub and the CoP are keen to avoid. 

Goher has been with the university for six years, coming from a position as Research Facilitator with NDPH. She is also the professional lead for Open Access in the division. Rachel is new to the university, coming from a communications management role in the not for profit sector. 

Goher and Rachel have already met with a lot of colleagues, and been really impressed by their enthusiasm. Whether you would like to know more, have a GRC role, or are interested in being involved with projects do get in touch.