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Senior staff at the university have recently reiterated their commitment to safety, with the VC and Registrar both making a public acknowledgment of its importance. In 2022, a new university committee, the Safety Executive Group (SEG) was established to report to Council, and MSD have now mirrored that with the creation of the Medical Sciences Division Safety Risk Management Group (SRMG). This group reports directly to the MSD Board, and also has a direct link to SEG through the presence of Chris Price and Steve Hyde, who are members of both bodies.

Gavin Screaton (Head of Division) will chair the SRMG, which convenes Heads of Departments, PIs and Safety Advisers from both clinical and non-clinical departments, as well as representatives from Heads of Administration and Finance, Building and Facilities Managers, and the divisional and central safety offices. Deputy Divisional Registrar, Carolyn McKee, and Governance Manager, Goher Ayman, will also be in attendance.

Additionally, the divisional team are holding their inaugural meeting (with biscuits!) for Departmental Safety Officers across the division this month, and work continues on building a new SharePoint resource to support both safety advisers and raise awareness the safety management system within MSD.