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The Board’s functions and powers are determined by Council Regulations.



Professor Gavin Screaton


Carolyn McKee


  • Professor Gavin Screaton - ex officio
  • Professor Sir John Bell - ex officio
  • Professor Meghana Pandit - ex officio
  • Professor Rebecca Slater (until MT 2025) 
  • Professor Dame Fiona Powrie (until MT 2025) 
  • Professor Krina Zondervan (until MT 2025) 
  • Professor Kate Nation (until MT 2025) 
  • Professor Stephanie Cragg (until MT 2025)
  • Professor Yvonne Jones (until MT 2025) 
  • Professor Helen McShane (until MT 2025)
  • Professor Matthew Wood (until MT 2024) 
  • Professor Heidi Johansen-Berg (until MT 2025)
  • Professor Colin Baigent (until MT 2025) 
  • Dr Mark Roberts (until MT 2025)
  • Mr Bernard Taylor (until MT 2025) 
  • Professor Michael Bonsall (until MT 2024)
  • Dr Lydia Matthews (until MT 2025)
  • Dr Sir Michael Jacobs (until MT 2025)


  • Professor Richard Hobbs (until MT 2025) 
  • Professor Frances Platt (until MT 2025) 
  • Professor Francis Barr (until MT 2025) 
  • Professor Mark Middleton (until MT 2025) 

Student members

  • Undergraduate Student member: Rosalind McDonald-Hill (until TT 2023)
  • Graduate Student member: Yingshi Feng (until TT 2023)

2023 Meeting Dates

  • 14 March

  • 2 May

  • 20 June

  • 17 October

  • 5 December

Terms of Reference

The Board's terms can be accessed via the University website

To view the current and past agenda/papers, please contact Mr Chris Price.