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The Board’s IT Committee provides a forum through which divisional priorities for divisional and central IT support are communicated to relevant central bodies and provide a mechanism to disseminate emerging IT policies and services of the University across the Division.


Chair: Lesa Levett

Secretary: Carolyn McKee


Phil Biggin (Biochemistry)
Alan Young (CTSU)
Brian Marsden (CMD/Kennedy Institute)
Shankar Srinivas (DPAG)
Duncan Mortimer (NDCN/WIN)
Sean Nightingale (DPAG)
Ayman Wahab (NDPH)
Mike Fraser (IT Services, CIO Nominee)
Bron Marguerie de Rotrou/Ed Gibbs (NDM DFOs)
Antonella Delmestri (NDORMS)


Anne Bowtell
Tony Brett
Peter Jones
Damion Young 

Future meeting Dates

14 February 2024

TermS of reference

The committee’s specific terms of reference were agreed by the Medical Sciences Board to be as follows:

  • The Committee shall be responsible, under the Medical Sciences Board, for divisional strategy in relation to the structure, development and delivery of ICT services to and within the Division
  • The Committee will receive advice regarding the structure, delivery and development of ICT services provided centrally by the University and their likely impact on service delivery within the Division
  • The Committee will advise the Board of changes of policy or practice needed at a divisional or central university level to safeguard the efficient delivery of services to the Division
  • The Committee will advise Council’s Information Technology Committee and the Medical Sciences Board of divisional needs in relation to ICT services
  • The Committee shall be responsible, under the Medical Sciences Board, for considering questions of value for money in relation to IT services provided to the Division
  • The Committee shall receive, and respond as necessary to, regular reports from the MSD IT Services Management Committee and the Divisional Web Integration Manager.
  • The Committee shall report, as appropriate, to the Medical Sciences Board

It was agreed that the Committee shall normally meet at least once a term.

To view the current and past agenda/papers, please contact Carolyn McKee.