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The Medical Sciences Division Research Staff Forum identifies issues, and reviews policies and practice, related to the well-being, career development and working environment of researchers. It comprises Research Staff Representatives and Advocates for Research Staff from each department. It meets termly and reports both to the University Research Staff Steering Committee (RSSC) and the Medical Sciences Board's Finance, Research and General Purposes Committee (FRGPC).


  • The Division’s Research Staff Forum connects the voices, views and experiences of research staff to processes and decision-making in the division and university. The Forum includes at least one researcher representative from each department and meets regularly to discuss issues affecting the experiences of research staff.
  • The Forum is chaired by MSD researchers, Irina Chelysheva (Paediatrics) and Ignacio Torrecilla (Oncology), in collaboration with Leanne Hodson (Divisional Advocate for Research Staff) and Mary Muers (MSD Research Culture Facilitator).
  • The MSD Forum is connected to University-wide research staff representational groups, which have direct links to University-level committees and governance.
  • Research staff representatives support two-way communication and networking with researcher communities in their departments.
  • MSD departments are appointing a senior academic or researcher as their Departmental Advocate for Research Staff. These Advocates support the research staff representatives and champion positive initiatives for research staff and research culture within their department.



Research Staff Representative

Advocate for Research Staff

Nuffield Department of Medicine

Jenner: Lisa Stockdale, Aadil El Turabi

Wellcome Genetics: Mohammad Bahar

 Tammie Bishop 

Department of Biochemistry

Amy Moores

Fanni Gergely

Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Richard Webster

Martin Turner

Department of Experimental Psychology

Tsvetomira (Mira) Dumbalska

Cathy Creswell 

Radcliffe Department of Medicine

Andrew Armitage and Kshitij Mohan

Leanne Hodson

Nuffield Department of Women's & Reproductive Health

Nicole Votruba

Christoffer Nellaker (interim);  Helen Townley

Department of Oncology

Ignacio Torrecilla (co-chair) , Hala Estephan

Mónica Olcina 

Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences

Anjali Shah; Nicholas Ilott

Philippa Hulley

Department of Paediatrics

Irina Chelysheva (co-chair); Fiona Moultrie  

Anindita Roy

Sir William Dunn School of Pathology

Sarah Woodward

 Mathew Stracy

Department of Pharmacology

Rumaitha Al Hosni; David Priestman

Sridhar Vasudevan

Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics

Claudio Cortes Rodriguez

Sarah De Val

Nuffield Department of Population Health

Sophie Cole

 Sasha Shepperd

Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences

Yaling Yang; Lauren Bandy

Rebecca Barnes

Department of Psychiatry

Beata Godlewska

Michael Browning

Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences

Dimitrios Doultsinos

Fadi Issa

MSD Research Staff Forum Steering Group

The steering group leads on agenda and actions, to support the smooth running and efficacy of the Forum.

  • Leanne Hodson (chair) (Divisional Advocate for Research Staff)
  • Irina Chelysheva (co-chair of Research Staff Forum)
  • Ignacio Torrecilla (co-chair of Research Staff Forum)
  • Mary Muers (Research Culture Facilitator)
  • Philippa Hulley (Departmental Advocate)
  • Leila Whitworth (Head of Research Strategy and Funding Team)
  • Rachel Bray (Researcher Hub Lead)

Terms of Reference

1. Responsibilities

The Research Staff Forum shall be responsible under the Medical Sciences Board’s Finance, Research and General Purposes Committee for:

  • advising on questions of policy and practice related to researcher career development, including in the context of the Concordat for to the Support the Career Development of Research Staff.
  • keeping under review ways of promoting and facilitating researcher career development in Medical Sciences.
  • facilitating the exchange of information about funder expectations for ECRs.
  • assisting in contributing to the University’s overall policy and approach to areas related to researcher development, including: sharing and encouraging best practice in departments across the Division.
  • addressing issues around the research environment including (but not restricted to) research integrity, research culture, contracts, awards and recognition.
  • addressing issues around career development including (but not restricted to) training, teaching opportunities, line management and supervisory roles, mentorship, authorship, grant applicant status.
  • addressing more general issues such as college affiliations and accommodations.
  • addressing other key areas from the Concordat, especially those identified in the RSSC Gap Analysis.

 2. Meetings

  • The forum should meet once per term.