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Leanne Hodson

Leanne Hodson

Divisional Advocate for Research Staff

The role of the Divisional Advocate for Research Staff is to provide academic strategic leadership to promote and realise the commitment of the division to provide a world-leading environment for research staff.  As Divisional Advocate, Leanne Hodson works with research staff representatives from all MSD departments through the Research Staff Forum. She represents the division at the Research Staff Steering Committee (RSSC) and promotes the interests of researchers at divisional committees and working groups. Leanne supports divisional activities to implement the University action plan to fulfil the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers and works with the MSD Research Culture Facilitation Team, Mary Muers and Michelle Wilson, to advance a research culture that is supportive, inclusive and equitable.

Leanne heads a research group that focuses on the alterations in metabolism with nutritional state and substrates (e.g. sugars, fats) along with the associated metabolic consequences of obesity. She also heads the Metabolic Research Group together with Professor Fredrik Karpe.