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As a University employee,* you have been able to view your payslips and P60s online since the launch of HR Self-Service in 2018. During this time, you have continued to receive paper versions of these documents. However, from June 2020 the University will stop issuing paper payslips and P60s, which will then be published online-only.

Going paperless offers a number of benefits:

  • Instant – access your payslip and P60 online as soon as it’s published;
  • Secure – all your payroll documents stored safely in one place, supporting the University’s compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);
  • Sustainable – going paperless will have a positive environmental impact, saving approximately 25 trees a year. The University will also make an estimated saving of £31.5k a year in paper and print costs.

*This excludes casual workers, contractors and those employed solely by a college.

Get ready - view your payslips and P60's online today

We recommend you log in to your HR Self-Service account in advance of June payday, to familiarise yourself with your online payslip. HR Self-Service can be accessed from within the University network, or off-site via VPN, using your Single Sign-On.

Need Help?

For more information, including How-To Guides and FAQs, or to simply log in to your HR Self-Service account, visit If you have a query which is not answered on this page, please contact Ruth Hilland, MSDO HR.