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Under the Public Sector Equality Duty, the University must consider the potential and actual impact of all its policies, procedures and decisions on all staff with different protected characteristics. We collect data from staff so that we can gain a better understanding of our workforce diversity and identify areas of underrepresentation or disadvantage and to develop and evaluate equality objectives.

Unfortunately MSD departments have among the lowest rate of complete staff data across the University. Accurate data is essential to ensure any equality analysis completed as part of Covid-19 staffing support programmes are undertaken and evaluated on the basis of complete and up to date information.

The division is asking all staff to log into their HR self-service accounts to check that their diversity data (and other details) are up to date. Please can you take the time to access Employee Self- Service (VPN is required), select the blue ‘My Profile’ button to check and complete the ‘Personal details’ and ‘Diversity’ sections.

All data is kept in the strictest confidence, is accessible only to limited central staff (full details here) and updating your details supports the University’s commitment to fostering an inclusive culture.