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The Medical Sciences Development team have been successful in their efforts to raise philanthropic funding for the urgent divisional and cross-divisional coronavirus funding needs.

  • In February, we launched a public appeal, which has gained interest from hundreds of new supporters and has raised £80,000 to date.
  • Our team of fundraisers have now raised £5million through working with philanthropists, trusts and companies, all of which is going to coronavirus research

We believe there will be more funding opportunities over the coming weeks. We would ask for your support in the following ways:

  1. Tell your networks about the appeal and ask them to share the giving page on social media. We have had multiple enquiries from donors who have seen the research and giving pages, contacted us and have gone on to make a major gift.
  2. Let us know if you have contacts you can put us in touch with within your networks who might be interested in supporting this work. Contact
  3. (For Comms Staff) Run a news item on your website or in your newsletter, provide a link to the giving page or contact us for example social media posts to share the campaign. Please contact

Thank you to Gavin Screaton and the academic team for giving us some of your valuable time in order to speak to key philanthropic donors and support us in securing these gifts

Find out more about the allocation of funds, and to apply