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Oxford Sparks, the University of Oxford’s platform for digital science engagement, has just relaunched! With a new look, new website, and lots of brand new video content, their aim is to provide an insight into the incredible world of Oxford science, in particular shining a spotlight on the amazing researchers themselves.

Oxford Sparks endeavours to create relatable and accessible content, which opens up the world of Oxford science to new audiences, giving a sneak peek ‘behind-the-scenes’ and showing ‘how science works’. Their brand new series of micro-documentaries will offer an in-depth look at some of the ground-breaking research taking place at the University, while their short, fun and quirky social media videos will give researchers the opportunity to share their work with others in fresh and creative ways. Oxford Sparks is also delighted to be continuing its ‘Big Questions Podcast’, with episodes this series including “Could chocolate go extinct?” and “How do you stop megafires?” (a COP26 special).

Amongst the new videos is the micro-documentary “A New View on Cancer”. Beautifully filmed, it focusses on Rob Stepney, a prostate cancer patient who shares his experiences as part of an Oxford clinical trial. Also launching is the short video “Why do I always spill my coffee?”, which presents some quirky solutions to one of life’s little annoyances – using the power of maths!

Stay up to date with all the latest content by following them on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and if you are interested in creating your own research video with Oxford Sparks, you can find more information, and submit an expression of interest, here.