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Despite current circumstances, work continues to replace the University’s paper expense claims form with an online system, SAP Concur. This means most staff and student expense claims will be submitted and approved electronically either via computer or smart device, and can be progressed wherever you are working, whether on the go, at home or in the office.

A phased rollout of SAP Concur is planned to start in August 2020 with a small number of departments, to be identified in due course, acting as early adopters of the system before it is gradually introduced more widely. However, this schedule is dependent on the prevailing situation at the University.

Key activities being undertaken:

  • The project team would like to thank everyone who attended the online demonstrations of SAP Concur (the Proof of Concept exercise) in April.  The feedback from delegates has been very useful and answers to questions raised at these sessions will be made available on the Finance Division website.
  • A data collection and cleansing exercise is now underway to ensure SAP Concur is populated with accurate and appropriate information regarding cost codes, project names and the approval hierarchy. Finance colleagues in departments, colleges that are adopting SAP Concur and UAS are assisting with this exercise, which is appreciated given the re-budgeting work also being undertaken at this time.
  • Detailed testing of SAP Concur (user acceptance testing), should commence in July.  This will check that everything works as required and enable any discrepancies or bugs to be identified and fixed before launch.
  • Alongside these activities, the project team is planning how to help users through the change, including communications, training and provision of on-line information and guidance.

For further information, please see the Finance Division website.  If you have any questions or suggestions please contact the project team via