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With over 50 vacancies currently open, the University is keen that members of Congregation from all backgrounds feel encouraged to stand for election. Around 150 staff members sit on the central University committees and boards, playing a vital role in shaping the direction of the University, and many of them are part of the Medical Sciences Division. One of these is Professor Proochista Ariana.

Proochista was elected as a member of the Education Committee in October 2022, so is very much in the early days of her role. Having benefitted from the governance at the University for over twenty years, Proochista wanted to take the opportunity to “lend [her] experience and contribute to the discussions informing the University’s strategies and subsequent policies.”  Proochista talks more about her experiences.

The majority of elections take place in Trinity term, with members taking up their position at the start of Michaelmas term. Further details can be found at Elections | Governance and Planning (  Introductory slides for those who may be interested, and answers to FAQs, the deadline for applications is 4pm on Thursday 11 May.