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Call for supervisors: Academic special interest projects for Graduate-entry Medicine students

Students in Years 1 & 2 of the 4-year Graduate Entry Medicine programme have the opportunity to pursue an area of academic special interest. We are seeking academic supervisors to support this work.

Introducing the Mechanical Workshop

This month we speak to John Prentice, manager of the Mechanical Workshop in the Department of Oncology. The workshop supports a wide range of research projects within the Medical Sciences Division and is also available to groups within the wider University community.

A reminder of the process for clinical trials involving regulated medical devices or drugs

Guidance note regarding conduct of clinical trials of an investigational medicinal product (CTIMP) and Device Trials sponsored by the University.

Introducing the Advanced Proteomics Facility

This month we speak to Dr Marjorie Fournier, manager of the Advanced Proteomics Facility (APF) in the Department of Biochemistry about the facility's capabilities. The APF supports research and training activities in the field of mass spectrometry-based proteomics and is run by a team of expert scientists who support researchers from academia and industry on multidisciplinary research projects.

Introducing the Viral Vector Core Facility

This month, we speak to Dr Claire Powers, manager of the Viral Vector Core Facility about the facilities capabilities, how you can access these facilities, and how the VVCF played a critical early role in the development of the Oxford/AZ vaccine.

Research staff representatives connect to shape research culture

Representatives from across Medical Sciences Division departments came together in a workshop to strengthen the research staff community and discuss organisational cultures.

Charity Commission notice about the Nuffield Dominions Trust

This a formal notice about a proposed Charity Commission Scheme to extend the geographical scope of the Nuffield Dominions Trust.

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