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This is a broad theme incorporating primary health care, population health, and delivery of health care.  Oxford's Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences was rated top in the UK in the most recent Research Assessment Exercise.

Researchers in Oxford, particularly in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, provide the evidence-base to underpin primary care practice, particularly the prevention and care of cardiovascular disease (heart disease, diabetes and stroke), infection and diseases of childhood. There is strong methodological focus including evidence-based medicine, monitoring, diagnosis and self-monitoring of long-term illness. The Department of Primary Care Health Sciences hosts a UKCRC registered Clinical Trials Unit; the Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group; the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine and the Health Experiences Research Group and other clinical and health services oriented research groups.

A strong and distinctive focus of health research in Oxford is studying health at the population level. The Nuffield Department of Population Health has both a domestic and international focus on population health. This enables identification of the causes of, and risk factors for, disease, which informs strategies to promote health.  Population health research also measures the cost effectiveness and social acceptability of care and services.

Research into health care delivery is becoming increasingly important as costs rise and the population ages. New technology should allow improvements in the quality and safety of patient care at reduced costs. The introduction of such changes, however, needs to be designed and tested in the same way as the introduction of a new drug, providing ample scope for research in the future. The Oxford Health Experiences Institute studies patient and public involvement in research, the patient experience, person centred care delivery, multi-morbidity and e-Health.

Within the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences several projects are underway to improve patient safety and, in a broader context, the Oxford Telemedicine Institute is redesigning patient pathways to take advantage of better information transfer.

Research into healthcare delivery and, healthcare innovation and evaluation is of key focus at The George Institute for Global Health, based at the Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Supervisors in Primary Care, Clinical Epidemiology, and Health Care Delivery

Fiona Alderdice

Senior Social Scientist, National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit

Jane Armitage

Professor of Clinical Trials and Epidemiology, and Honorary Consultant in ...

Jeffrey K Aronson

Consultant Physician and Clinical Pharmacologist

Sarah Atkinson

Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Paediatrics and Paediatric ...

Paul Aveyard

Professor of Behavioural Medicine

Colin Baigent

Professor of Epidemiology and Director, MRC PHRU

Clare Bankhead

Associate Professor

Valerie Beral

Professor of Epidemiology and Co-Director, CEU

Louise Bowman

Professor of Medicine & Clinical Trials, and Honorary Consultant Physician ...

Susan Bull

Senior Researcher in Ethics of Genomics and Global Health

Martin Burton

Joint Co-ordinating Editor of the Cochrane ENT Disorders Group

Chris Butler

Professor of Primary Care

Robert Clarke

Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health Medicine

Sarah Darby

Professor of Medical Statistics

Michael Dunn

Departmental Lecturer in Health and Social Care Ethics

Terry Dwyer

Professor of Epidemiology, The George Institute UK

Klaus Ebmeier

Foundation Chair of Old Age Psychiatry

Thomas Fanshawe

Senior Medical Statistician

Andrew Farmer

Professor of General Practice

Ray Fitzpatrick

Professor of Public Health and Primary Care

Sarah Floud

Senior Epidemiologist

Peter Friend

Professor of Transplantation

Michael Goldacre

Professor of Public Health

Alastair Gray

Professor of Health Economics & Director, HERC

Trish Greenhalgh

Professor of Primary Care Health Sciences

Ashok Handa

Director of Surgical Education

Anthony Harnden

Professor of Primary Care; Director of Graduate Studies

Carl Heneghan

Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine

Will Herrington

MRC-Kidney Research UK Professor David Kerr Clinician Scientist

Helen Higham


Jane Hirst

Senior Fellow in Perinatal Health

Richard Hobbs

Head of Department

Jennifer Hollowell

Associate Professor and Senior Epidemiologist

Tim Holt

Senior Clinical Research Fellow

Susan Jebb

Professor of Diet and Population Health

Crispin Jenkinson

Professor of Health Services Research and Director, HSRU

Paul Johnson

Professor of Paediatric Surgery

Jane Kaye

Professor of Health, Law and Policy & Director, HeLEX

Tim Key

Professor of Epidemiology & Deputy Director, CEU

Marian Knight

Professor of Maternal and Child Population Health

Jenny Kurinczuk

Professor of Perinatal Epidemiology & Director, NPEU

Hubert Lam

Associate Professor; Associate Course Director, MSc in Global Health Science ...

José Leal

University Research Lecturer

Peter McCulloch

Professor of Surgical Science and Practice

Emily McFadden

Senior Statistical Epidemiologist

Paul McGale

Medical Statistician

Richard McManus

Professor of Primary Care

David Morley

Senior Research Scientist

Charles Newton

Cheryl & Reece Scott Professor of Psychiatry

Robyn Norton

Acting Executive Director, The George Institute, UK.

David Nunan

Departmental Lecturer and Senior Research Fellow

Michael Parker

Director of the Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities, and the Ethox Centre

Rafael Perera

Director Medical Statistics

Michele Peters

Associate Professor

Frances Platt

Professor of Biochemistry and Pharmacology

Annette Plüddemann

Course Director: MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care

Andrew Pollard

Professor of Paediatric Infection and Immunity

John Powell


Maria Quigley

Professor of Statistical Epidemiology

Kamal R. Mahtani

GP & Clinical Scientist

Mike Rayner

Professor of Population Health and Director of the Centre on Population ...

Christina Reith

Senior Clinical Research Fellow

Oliver Rivero-Arias

Associate Professor in Health Economics

Sara Ryan

Senior Research Lead

Sara Shaw

Associate Professor

Mark Sheehan

Oxford Biomedical Research Centre Ethics Fellow

James Sheppard

University Research Lecturer

Adrian Smith

Associate Professor, Director of Clinical Studies and Honorary Consultant in ...

Ruth Travis

Associate Professor and Senior Molecular Epidemiologist

Ann Van den Bruel

Associate Professor

José Villar

Professor of Perinatal Medicine & Co-Director of the Oxford Maternal and ...

Mara Violato

Senior Researcher in Health Economics; University Research Lecturer

Kay Wang

NIHR Postdoctoral Fellow

Jane Wolstenholme

Senior Health Economist, HERC

Geoff Wong

Clinical Research Fellow

Mark Woodward

Professor of Statistics and Epidemiology

Sarah Wordsworth

Professor of Health Economics

Ling Yang

Senior Epidemiologist; University Research Lecturer

Sue Ziebland

Professor of Medical Sociology and Director of HERG