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Associate Professor Michele Peters

Associate Professor Michele Peters

Michele Peters

BSc, Dip.Psych., MSc, PhD

Associate Professor

  • Applied Health Research Unit

Michele Peters is an Associate Professor within the Applied Health Research Unit working on the provision of high quality health and care services. Michele has a BSc in Nutrition (University of Surrey), MSc in Health and Exercise Sciences (University of Bristol), a conversion diploma in Psychology (Open University) and a PhD in Health and Medical Sciences (University of Surrey).

Before joining the University of Oxford, Michele worked as a Marie Curie Research Fellow in the Department of Medical Psychology, Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam (Netherlands).

As a member of the NIHR Quality, Safety and Outcomes of Health and Social Care Research Unit, Michele’s research is strongly embedded in current health and care policy and evaluates health and care services from the patient, informal carer and professional perspectives. This includes the development and use of patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs), patient experience surveys; and carer outcome and experience measures across a range of different chronic long-term health conditions. She teaches medical sociology, survey design and mixed methods at undergraduate (tutorials) and postgraduate level, including the supervision of DPhil students.