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Dexter Canoy

Dexter Canoy

Dexter Canoy

BSc (Hons) MPhil (Cantab) MD PhD (Cantab)

Clinical Epidemiologist

Dexter Canoy is an epidemiologist at the University of Oxford. He has research interests in using large-scale biomedical data as discovery tools for identifying determinants of population health and understanding chronic disease aetiology. He is involved in Deep Medicine, a programme of research being led by Dr. Kazem Rahimi, which aims to combine expertise in medicine, epidemiology and machine intelligence in using ‘Big Data’ to improve health and clinical care. His work into women's vascular health determinants currently explores the feasibility of using electronic health records to examine the relation of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and risks of postpartum hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

He has a degree in medicine (University of the Philippines) and a doctorate in epidemiology (University of Cambridge). He was previously involved in several large prospective population-based cohort studies (e.g. EPIC-Norfolk, the Northern Finland Birth Cohort Studies, and the Million Women Study) to examine factors of cardiovascular disease and other major causes of morbidity and mortality in the population.

Dexter is Fellow at Oxford Martin School, and serves as an Associate Editor of the Cardiovascular Epidemiology and Prevention section of Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine.

Like many others, he has travel, gastronomic, and oenological interests, and dreams to be able to fence, run and swim well.



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