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Graduate School

Reproductive research in Oxford encompasses multi-disciplinary studies across a wide range of important issues in human reproduction and applied basic science.

These include genetic studies, the dissection of molecular, biochemical and cellular mechanisms underlying normal and aberrant reproductive tissue function, including malignancy, through to clinical studies in women’s health, pregnancy and fetal growth, in collaboration with the University departments of Engineering Science and Paediatrics. The Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology has close links with the Oxford Fertility Unit, housed in the new Institute for Reproductive Sciences, which provides excellent opportunities for research in many areas of reproductive medicine. The Department also leads INTERGROWTH-21st, a study funded by the Gates Foundation, involving 8 centres around the world, which aims to develop new, international fetal and newborn growth standards.

Supervisors in Reproductive, Genitourinary and Sexual Medicine

James Berkley
Sarah Darby
Mike English
Marian Knight
Jenny Kurinczuk
Rose McGready
Kim Nasmyth
John Parrington
Peter Robbins
Ian Sargent
Clive Wilson
Ling Yang


Doctoral Training Centre Degrees Taught Degrees