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Research in Oxford in this area ranges from clinical to basic science. Particular strengths include vascular disease, neurodegeneration, acute illness in older people, trials and brain imaging.

The Oxford University Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust runs many specialist clinical services covering conditions of particular relevance to older people including for example, falls, TIA and stroke, rapid access and acute ambulatory care, heart failure, percutaneous cardiac valvular interventions, Parkinson's Disease, memory disorders and cataract. Research in Oxford covers many of the above areas and ranges from clinical to basic science. Particular strengths include vascular disease, neurodegeneration, acute illness in older people, trials and brain imaging. 

The Stroke Prevention Research Unit was established in 2002 and has a world leading reputation in neuroepidemiology, the application of clinical trials data to individuals, blood pressure and vascular disease, cancer epidemiology, cognitive screening and vascular and stroke-associated dementia. The Stroke Prevention Research Unit incorporates the Oxford Vascular Study (OXVASC), the world's largest prospective study of acute vascular events occurring within a defined population of over 90,000 in Oxfordshire covered by five GP practices. The study has made a number of key discoveries leading to changes in the management of acute vascular disease and in national and international guidelines including on the emergency assessment and treatment of TIA and minor stroke. OXVASC includes ongoing studies on the cognitive impact of acute cerebrovascular events, interactions between vascular disease, acute illness and neurodegeneration and the prediction of dementia risk. The Thomas Willis Brain Collection contains one of the largest neuropathology collections in the UK including brains from the previous Oxford Project to Investigate Memory and Ageing (OPITMA), and ongoing Brains for Dementia Research (BDR) study. Research projects include pathology, genetics and microstructure of aging and dementia, vascular disease including small vessel disease, and neuropathology of movement disorders and motor neuron disease.

The Oxford Parkinson's Disease and Motor Neuron Disease research centres incorporate large patient cohorts (OPDC - Discovery Cohort) and include clinical, imaging, genetic and biomarker studies for early diagnosis and potential intervention and basic science studies including disease models and stem cell research. The Oxford Centre for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain (FMRIB) collaborates broadly across a range of clinical areas and includes particular expertise in physics and advanced imaging analysis as well as in neurodegeneration and vascular/white matter disease.

The Clinical Geratology Department runs innovative ambulatory emergency medical units at Abingdon Community Hospital, (winner of the Guardian Award for Healthcare Innovation), and the John Radcliffe Hospital to provide non in-patient care where possible to frail complex older patients with acute illness. The ambulatory units and the Acute Medicine Department based at the John Radcliffe Hospital are the basis for ongoing studies into the associates and outcomes of older people with acute illness, particularly those with frailty including cognitive syndromes and delirium. These studies are complimented by collaborations with Oxford Brookes on in-patient aspects of older person care including dementia. The Nuffield Department of Population Health has expertise in the evaluation of service delivery including in comprehensive geriatric assessment. The Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Science runs studies on musculoskeletal ageing and has international expertise in the design of trials in rehabilitation and falls. 

Supervisors in Ageing, Geratology and Degenerative Diseases

Ghada Alsaleh

Versus Arthritis Career Development Fellow

Abtin Alvand

Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in Orthopaedic Surgery and Consultant Knee ...

Olaf Ansorge

Associate Professor

Daniel C Anthony

Professor of Experimental Neuropathology

Chrystalina Antoniades

A/Professor of Clinical Neuroscience

Jane Armitage

Professor of Clinical Trials and Epidemiology, and Honorary Consultant in ...

David Bannerman

Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience

Esther Becker

Professor of Translational Neuroscience

Peter Brown

Professor of Experimental Neurology

Alastair Buchan

Professor of Stroke Medicine

Noel Buckley

Professor of Neurobiology

Zameel Cader

Director of the Oxford Headache Centre and Director of StemBANCC

Dexter Canoy

Clinical Epidemiologist

Pedro Carvalho

EP Abraham Professor of Cell Biology

Grant C Churchill

Professor of Chemical Pharmacology

Cyrus Cooper

Professor of Musculoskeletal Science, University of Oxford

Lynne Cox

Associate Professor

Stephanie Cragg

Professor of Neuroscience

Stephanie Dakin

Associate Professor of Musculoskeletal Sciences

Gabriele DeLuca

Professor of Clinical Neurology and Experimental Neuropathology

Nele Demeyere

Associate Professor

Gwenaëlle Douaud

Associate Professor

Gillian Douglas

Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Science

James Dunford

Senior Research Associate

Klaus Ebmeier

Professor (Chair) & Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist

Claire Edwards

Professor of Bone Oncology

James Edwards

Associate Professor

Colin Espie

Professor of Sleep Medicine

Gary Ford

Professor of Stroke Medicine

Russell Foster

Head of the Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology and the Sleep and Circadian ...

John Gallacher

Professor of Cognitive Health; Director, Dementias Platform UK; Director, ...

Anne Goriely

Professor of Human Genetics

Alex Green

Spalding Associate Professor

James Grist

Principal Investigator

Chris Hinds

Senior Research Fellow

Georg Holländer

Hoffmann and Action Medical Research Professor of Developmental Medicine

Michele Hu

Professor of Clinical Neuroscience and Consultant Neurologist

Philippa Hulley

Associate Professor

Masud Husain

Professor of Neurology & Cognitive Neuroscience

Sarosh Irani

Collaborator, Oxford Autoimmune Neurology Group

Kassim Javaid

Professor of Osteoporosis and Adult Rare Bone Diseases

Mark Jenkinson

Professor of Neuroimaging

Peter Jezzard

Herbert Dunhill Professor of Neuroimaging

Heidi Johansen-Berg

Director of the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging; Associate Head of ...

James Kennedy

Associate Professor of Geratology & Stroke Medicine

Simon Kyle

Professor of Experimental and Clinical Sleep Research

Armin Lak

Associate Professor of Neuroscience

Nick Lakin

Professor of Molecular Cell Biology

Raashid Luqmani

Professor of Rheumatology

Clare Mackay

Professor of Imaging Neuroscience

Peter J. Magill

MRC Programme Leader

Sanjay Manohar

Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant

Jane Mellor

Professor of Biochemistry

Karla Miller

Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Ira Milosevic

Liliana Minichiello

Reader in Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience

Anna S Mitchell

Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow and Associate Professor

David Murray

Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery

Claus Nerlov

Professor of Stem Cell Biology

Robyn Norton

Acting Executive Director, The George Institute, UK.

Jacinta O'Shea

Principal Investigator

Udo Oppermann

Professor of Molecular Biology

Antony Palmer

Senior Clinical Research Fellow and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Laura Parkkinen

Professor of Translational Neuropathology

Sarah Pendlebury

Professor of Medicine and Old Age Neuroscience

Daniel Prieto-Alhambra

Professor of Pharmaco- and Device Epidemiology

Jonathan Rees

Head of Department - NDORMS

Carlo Rinaldi

Associate Professor

Peter Robbins

Professor of Physiology

Peter Rothwell

Founding Director of the Wolfson Centre for the Prevention of Stroke and ...

Jason Schnell

Associate Professor

Arjune Sen

Professor of Global Epilepsy

Laurent Servais

Professor of Paediatric Neuromuscular Diseases, Academic Director of the new ...

Andrew Sharott

MRC Programme Leader

Trevor Sharp

Professor of Neuropharmacology

Sarah Snelling

Associate Professor

Charlotte Stagg

Professor of Human Neurophysiology

Francis Szele

Associate Professor of Developmental Biology

Kevin Talbot

Head of Department and Professor of Motor Neuron Biology

Huiling Tan

Professor of Human Electrophysiology and Neuromodulation

Mark Thompson

George Tofaris

Professor of Neurology and Translational Neuroscience

Martin Turner

Professor of Clinical Neurology & Neuroscience

Tonia Vincent

Professor of Musculoskeletal Biology & Honorary rheumatologist

Paresh Vyas

Professor of Haematology

Vladyslav Vyazovskiy

Professor of Sleep Physiology

Richard Wade-Martins

Professor of Molecular Neuroscience

Matthew Whitby

Professor of Molecular Genetics

Suzannah Williams

Associate Professor & Senior Research Fellow

Suzannah Williams

Associate Professor & Senior Research Fellow

Clive Wilson

Professor of Cell and Developmental Genetics

Matthew Wood

Professor of Neuroscience

Alison Woollard

Associate Professor

Kanmin Xue

Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Career Development Fellow

Amy Zavatsky